YouthEvents is the largest, most complete, online “kids-centric” events calendar available. We built it because we are parents just like you, who want to quickly find events that will hopefully both entertain and educate our children. We also found ourselves get stuck in doing the same things with our kids weekend after weekend – we needed a way to easily find new activities, ideas and events.

But we didn’t want to stop at “events”. We wanted to include leagues, lessons, and camps. We wanted our site to be the most inclusive site for kids activities – a one-stop shop for anything youth-related.

Absolutely! If you are posting an event that you, your business, or your organization are hosting and it is related to children or youth, then posting that event is free.

The only stipulation we currently have is that if the event you have posted appears to be a direct promotion for a service or product your company or organization is offering, we consider that an advertisement and will refuse to post it/remove it from our site. If you want to sell a product or service, please help keep YouthEvents an honest community by purchasing advertising space to promote your product or service.

Becoming a member has 3 fantastic features (and becoming a member is FREE).

1. Planners

Planners give you the opportunity to recieve customized emails weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, for that meet YOUR family's interests.  Setup one planner for fairs and festivals for the whole family.  Setup a different Planner for your grade school daughter who likes Performing Arts and Soccer.  Setup another for your pre-schooler for Arts, Crafts and STEM Events.  Planners can be as broad or focused as you want.

2. Alerts

Be the first to know when new events are posted in YouthEvents.  Setup an Alert to be notified when summer camps are added.  Setup another to be notified when a fair in your area is added.  The options are unlimited! 

3. Post your own events

Have an event you'd like to post?  Become a member and post your (or your organizations events) for free.

Most likely, yes. We love to see members directly post their own events, but people who host dozens of unique events sometimes require additional help, and we are happy to provide any help we can.

There are two ways to enter multiple events. If the event is recurring, like a weekly open gym or story time which occurs at the same place and time every week, put the first event in as you want it to appear. Once you have posted that event for approval, you can return to the event in the "My Events" page, select it, then choose to "Copy" that event at the top of the page. When you select "Copy," change the date and any other pertinent information, then select "Post." This event will also be sent for approval by a YouthEvents staff member. The process becomes easier and faster the more you use the "Post Event" page.

If you do have a size-able volume of events (20 or more), don’t hesitate to call our customer service line at (913) 955-3446. If your information is well-organized and with valid events, we would be happy to upload the events for you. Equally, we will be happy to answer any questions related to YouthEvents that will help get your events live in a timely manner.

The best place to learn more about advertising is on our “How to Advertise” page. There you will find the most common answers to questions regarding advertising, our geographic market areas and ways in which you can begin purchasing your own ad space. To find out more, just click here to go to our “How to Advertise” page (HOW TO ADVERTISE).