How to Post Events


Want to draw more people to your events? What if you could do so for free?

At YouthEvents, we care about kids and families, and want them to have more opportunities to spend time enriching their lives and doing things they love.  That’s why we built Youth Events – we wanted a centralized, online resource to bring together everything youth-related.  And we wanted to give hosts the opportunity to showcase their events at absolutely no cost.

The only thing we ask of you is that you stay within our guidelines. To learn about those guidelines, you’ve come to the right place.


Members May Freely Post Events

To post events, you must be a member! There’s no charge to become a member, but when you become a member and post your authenticated events, you are differentiating yourself from the unfriendly spammers, robots, and Internet spiders. Creating a membership is only the first layer of protection, but becoming a member also allows you to:

 Post events for free

  • Create alerts for events that will interest you
  • Advertise your company, events, or website
  • Help us curate the system by flagging events that are not valid

Click Here to become a member, and you can be creating events within minutes!


What are Valid Events for YouthEvents?

What is and what is not a valid event can be a tricky subject.   While it is virtually impossible to eliminate all questions we attempt to keep some level of consistency by ensuring all posted events have the following criteria:

1.    Have a focused interest for children

2.    Defined start date

3.    Defined cost for the entire event (free does count as defined).  Must not have an optional “$/month” fee structure

4.    Occur less than 3 times per week – not a daily event/some level of uniqueness

We do review every event before it is pushed live.  Yes, you read that right - every event. While one or two might slip through the cracks, we will do our best to remove all non-events, advertisements, spam, or other unrelated content before it reaches you, the YouthEvents user. It’s a simple premise: This is a clean site, and we will do our best to keep it that way.

Some of the things that we will not allow to be posted in events are:

  • Advertisements that are posted as events
  • Graphic images that do not meet the Privacy Policy
  • Inappropriate content of any type
  • Vulgarity, hate speech, or other inappropriate slang
  • Inappropriate websites
  • Non-automotive or wheeled-vehicle events
  • Spam
  • Anything else deemed "unnecessary" or "inappropriate" by YouthEvents staff

If you see an event within YouthEvents that you feel should not be posted there or is in some way inappropriate, please notify us and we will give the event attention as quickly as possible.

If a member is found to be consistently posting events that violate what is considered to be irrelevant to the YouthEvents community, we will take appropriate action, such as deactivating that member’s account.


Duplicate Events

As we scanned the world of youth events, we quickly found that we needed to categorize the events into types in order to have them organized in a useful manner.  The types we found were as follows:

1.    Event – a planned meeting with specific attributes, including date/time, location and purpose.  Events are typically short in duration, ranging from less than 1 hour to several days.  Most events focus on entertainment of some sort.

2.    Class/Lesson – a planned event where the primary focus is educating kids on a particular subject or activity.  Class/Lessons can be a single event or a series of events, but typically have a well-defined date and time in which they occur.

3.    Season/League – an event where the primary focus is on kids participating in a given subject, activity or sport.  Usually there is some sort of competition, where teams participating in the league will compete against one another.  Season/Leagues usually have a registration date (signup date), when the season starts and ends, what days the games are played, the cost of participating, and possibly when practices will be held.  At we are only interested in capturing the Season/League as a single entity – we are not interesting in listing individual games or practices, as most organizations already have systems/websites in place that manage this information.

4.    Camp – events that are typically both participatory and educational in nature.  Camps tend to be multiple days in length, and can be held on either consecutive days (e.g. Monday – Friday) or have a pattern associated with them (e.g. Every Monday for 4 weeks).

5.    Exhibit –a unique experience of things that are not commonly available or present.  Many times exhibits are hosted by existing destinations/locations.  Exhibits typically are longer in duration (weeks or months) and may not have their own specific “open for business” hours – they may simply have the same hours as the host location.

If you have any questions as to what type of event you have, just ask!  We are always here to help.


Duplicate Events

If you are posting events for your company or organization, please only post once for each event. If you have a multi-day event and you would prefer to break the event down into individual days (Example: "Club Cruise: Day 1 of 2"), that is perfectly fine as long as there is not a date overlap.

Duplicate events that are not acceptable are:           

  • Posting more than one of the same event
  • Posting the same event using multiple user names
  • Posting the same event many times by different member

Posting duplicate events actually decreases the likelihood that people will attend your event, and it diminishes the public opinion of the organization you represent, as well as the YouthEvents name. If we do find a member who is posting duplicate events with the intent to monopolize a page, we will consider the person a spammer, delete all events he or she has posted and consider suspending the account.

Despite our best efforts, though, duplicate event postings will happen, and we will not always be able to clean or police accidental duplicates. Some events are posted early in the year by our staff or well-meaning members, but event dates change and dual postings are inevitable. Our policy is that it is better to have too many of the same event posted (so long as they are accurate!) than none at all. If you are posting updated notifications, either edit the original or delete the old/cancelled event as a courtesy to others.  Legitimate members should only post a legitimate event one (1) time.


Advertising Vs. Event Posting

If you really want to maximize promotion for your event, post the event for free first and then purchase an inexpensive YouthEvents advertisement. All YouthEvents advertisements display for a week at a time (from Wednesday at 12 a.m. to the following Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.), which allows you to make your event stand out whenever and wherever you want it to be seen.

Want to learn more? See how our ads work here: (HOW TO PURCHASE ADS).


Certified Event Manager Status – Gold Seal – Immediate Posting

If you want your event to receive the YouthEvents Gold Seal, become a Certified Event Manager (CEM). Becoming a CEM is currently free, and allows you to stand out and post "certified" events for your organization.

Each CEM’s event will be branded with a gold seal to indicate that it is from an approved CEM member. The seal indicates to visitors that your posting is "the official posting." After receiving CEM approval, your events will post and be available for edit immediately without review or delay. If your organization has a rainout, instantly change the old time "ABC Kids Concert ON ... Delayed Until 4:00" or communicate cancellations such as, "ABC Kids Concert is RAINED OUT! Rescheduled for (new date and new event) ..."  It’s always courteous to make sure your attendees and the whole world knows when things change, and the best way to do that is to become a CEM today!


Copying Events

If you have a recurring event (let’s say it’s once a month for 12 months), make it easy on yourself by using our simplified "Copy Event" Feature. First, post a single event into YouthEvents, making sure that what you are posting is accurate and that all information will apply to all other 11 events. Then, once you have submitted the event for approval, simply click the "Copy" button at the top of the screen, change any relevant information (most likely start/end date and possibly location), then post the next event for approval. Then continue the process until all events have been sent for approval.

You shouldn’t have to enter all your information every time. By using the "Copy" function wisely, you can post an entire year’s calendar of events within minutes.



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YouthEvents Rights

YouthEvents reserves the right to post, not post, cancel, or remove any events or advertisements at our sole discretion and without explanation. We’ll be more than fair, but we reserve and claim the right to allow or disallow event postings, advertisements, or memberships. We may or may not share why we disallow an event, advertisement, or member.

Technology issues, servers, geo-politics, conflicts, member conduct, and a variety of other elements may affect whether we display an event or not. We strive to provide reasons for disallowing certain events, but there are no guarantees your event will run or be displayed.

In short, if you are the 99.8% of humanity that thinks the world can be a great place and people can do right by one another simply by being a good person both on the internet and in real life, you should be fine on YouthEvents.

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